Wednesday 29 April 2020

REVIEW: Pale Mare, "EP II"

By: Richard Maw

Album Type: EP
Date Released: 03/04/2020
Label: Seeing Red Recods |
Ancient Temple Recordings

“EP II” CS//DD//CD//LP track listing:

1.House Of War

The Review:

Finally, a punishing power trio! These three purveyors of pummelling punk infused stoner metal hail from Toronto, Canada. The frozen north is, it seems, a fertile breeding ground of riffs and noise. This is a four track EP that is nearly as long as “Reign in Blood” by Slayer, so no complaining about value for money.

Opener “House of War” is reminiscent perhaps of “Surrounded By Thieves” era High on Fire, so the band set out their stall straight away: it's heavy, dirty and pitched somewhere between early Mastodon, early High on Fire, Conan and the punkier likes of Black Tusk. “Zealot” is perhaps a little more straightforward rhythmically but is just as punishing.

“Voidgazer” is heavier still and bludgeons the listener with repetition in a style closer to sludge or modern doom. The closing nine minute opus of “Remains” is the most complex track here and it shows the band in epic mode, making use of dynamics and also paying ferociously. All told, this is a solid EP and fans of any of the comparative bands mentioned

“EP II” is available HERE

Band info: Facebook || Bandcamp