Monday, 4 May 2020

ALBUM REVIEW: Barren Womb, "Lizard Lounge"

By: Peter Morsellino

Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 22/05/2020
Label: Loyal Blood Records


“Lizard Lounge” CD//DD//LP track listing:

1). Cemetary Slopestyle
2). Karma As A Tour Manager
3). Hairy Palm
4). Crop Circle Jerk
5). Smokes, Let G
6). Molten Pig
7). Nerve Salad
8). Be Kind, Have Fun And Try Not To Die
9). Hydroponic Youth
10). You Do The Meth

The Review: 

Some albums just do better played at maximum volume, and boy howdy is this one of those albums.  Norwegian duo Barren Womb unleash a noisy assault upon the world with “Lizard Lounge”, an album that mixes noise rock with hardcore attitude and some good old fashioned rock and roll good times.  

Barren Womb make the most of their two man format with a tight sound that fills in the space nicely.  Bass junkies such as myself will be pleasantly surprised that the album feels very complete, with an extremely rich and full texture that leaves very little to be desired. Driving beats and well used guitar stylings are put together perfectly to craft a rock solid sound. 

On an album ripe with dessert rockers and fuzzed out proto grunge romps, the funky ass guitar riffs rein supreme.  Lending a wonderful lightness to the album, these are riffs that are undeniably fun, and will keep you dancing for the entirety of Lizard Lounge's thirty seven minute time span. 

“Be Kind, Have Fun, and Try Not to Die” is a shining example of a track that maintains the band's harder edge nose rock sound while being undeniably hook filled, with a gooey sing-along center.  This song is a hit, through and through. 

Barren Womb proves the theory that modern metal bands can be fun and catchy without needing to throw away the filthy grit to get there. “Lizard's Lounge” is an amazing take on the noise rock genre that is worthy of a spot in even the pickiest of fan's collections. 

“Lizard Lounge” is available HERE

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