Wednesday 9 September 2015

The Sludgelord Track Premiere: 'Call Of The Sloth' by Sloth.

By: Aaron Pickford

When thinking of a one man project, to me this invokes a vision of a dude with a bass drum on his back, cymbals on his knees and a harmonica around his neck and whilst I cannot be certain that today’s featured artist does not apply the same approach to his composition, one thing is clear, The age of the Sloth is upon us.  

In 2014 Blake Caverly disoriented having woken from his slumber, found himself compelled to respond to a sonic calling, the result of which inspired  him to peel back the layers of his own musical influences and create an album of compositions which can draw comparison to Pallbearer, Bongripper and Boris

Entitled ‘Slow As Shit’ this is Blake’s first entry into Sloth’s sonic legacy and is set to decimate you ears at the of September.  Today we present the first scripture from Sloth’s sonic bible.  Prepare for the ‘Call of the Sloth’ which can streamed below.  ‘Slow As Shit’ is set for released here on 28/9/2015

Sloth is:

Blake Caverly | all instruments
Guest vocals by:  Mikey 'Churchburner' Gascoyne of Valravn on 'Nothing But Leaves'.

Band info: facebook | bandcamp