Thursday 19 November 2015

Kapil Seshasayee - "Brazen" (Single Review)

By: James Harris

Album Type: Single
Date Released: 27/10/2015
Label: Fu Inle Records

The Review

Glasgow genre-defier Kapil Seshasayee dropped the single “Brazen” on October 27th on Fu Inle Records, an intense shard of proggy post-rock in the form of a promo video that follows August's EP “Crimes.”

The music on this track meshes well with the video: well-produced, low-key, melodic, but dark and intense as well - a lot of clean lines in both video and song. Like an ambient take on math rock or a noise band come clean, Kapil's guitar flows effortlessly between thick textural pulses, noisy effects, and more diverse moves such as sweeps and tapping and the like, it’s  mellow but driving.

Influences seem to range from Mogwai to Big Black, Between the Buried and Me to Polvo. The use of the waterphone was a cool touch that added a great deal to the aura of the piece. The instrument is often used in film scores, like a bunch of 60s horror movies, Poltergeist, Let the Right One In and many others. The video is a sort of multi-angle performance video, dark and spare like the song itself. It is pretty straightforward, but with some interesting cuts and angles, reflecting the way the tune has a groove that is easy to nod along to while being technical and interesting enough to keep you off guard as to what comes next - building a tension that is never quite released. Many great clear shots of the guitar work, and the vocals are clear, strong, and melodic. It is a complex tune that should further add to his reputation in anticipation of an end of the year UK tour and forthcoming debut full-length. 

‘Brazen’ is available here

Band info: bandcamp