Wednesday 4 November 2015

Pigs Live in Rotterdam @ De Baroeg, 23/10/2015 (With Bonus Interview!)

By: Victor Van Ommen
Filmed by: Martin Luyckx

On October 6th the Yankees were eliminated from the MLB Post Season. It was on this day that New York City band Pigs decided that October had nothing left to offer if they stayed home, so they booked a European tour with French label mates Sofy Major to support their newest, gnarliest album, “Wronger.” True story.

I caught up with Jim Paradise and Dave Curran of Pigs during this tour to talk about the band. We had a friendly chat about how the new album came together, the future of their label Coextinction Records, and what it’s like to have Pigs be their main musical focus. You can watch that interview below this article. What struck me the most was the transition they made from being chilled out dudes during the interview, to a loud, sludgy beast up on stage.

They opened with “This Life in Pink” with mixed results. I didn’t get the feeling that the sound guy was ready for the set to start and the band seemed a little disappointed in the meager turn out of this Friday night show. That said, by the time the last chorus blasted out of the PA, I got the impression that Jim certainly had the attitude to just have fun with it, a vibe that Dave quickly picked up on. Eventually, the sound guy had things figured out, Pigs were ready to give it their all, and as a bonus, the meager turn out meant no lines at the bar. This is the holy trinity of any rock show and we were lucky enough to witness this. Jim pounded away like a lumberjack and Dave’s vocal chords were being torn to ribbons as Pigs made their way through a set comprised of older songs that created a solid foundation for the songs off of “Wronger,” which claimed the bulk of the hour they were on stage. I hope for Pigs that they get treated to larger shows further down the road because a band this loud and this powerful deserve it.

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