Monday 16 November 2015

Thee Arthur Layne - "Hvy Drt Vol 1" (Review)

By: Victor Van Ommen

Album Type: 7inch
Date Released: 01/05/2015
Label: Wholsome Wax

‘Hvy Drt Vol 1’ 7inch//DD track listing:

1). Father Friendly
2). Scorpion Crawl

Thee Arthur Lane is:

Adam Scott | Guitar 
Sap DeFily | Bazz 
Angel Ledezma | Drums 
Screamin' Jay Walter | Vocals 
Zack Schneider | Wurtlizter & Mellotron 

The Review:

Raunchy bass and a thick groove to boot, Thee Arthur Layne bare their soul on “Hvy Drt Vol 1”. A mere nine minutes long, this 7” is split into two songs. The opening cut is a bellbottomed freedom run back to the 70s, bringing forth a hip shaking groove that’ll rattle the speakers off their perch.  Flip this bad boy over and you’ve got a bluesy march to get through named `Scorpion Crawl, ´ and crawl it does. From dive-bomb guitar solos to the way Screamin’ Jay Walter buzzes, hums, squeals, and whistles about women and the life he leads, Thee Arthur Layne shows us on “Hvy Drt Vol 1” of what a balls-out blues band should sound like circa 2015.  

‘Hvy Drt Vol 1’ is available for DD here and vinyl here

Band info: bandcamp |facebook