Tuesday 16 August 2016

"From the doom streets of Oslo": The Sludgelord Presents: "Serpents, Gods & Men" by Tempelheks

Tempelheks is a psychedelic doom rock experience. Based on the heavy riff of the 70's, Tempelheks experiment with folky and traditional melodies coupled with eerie and mystical vocals. A groovy but hard beat drives the desert caravan onward. With the 2014 debut LP, they built the foundation of the serpent-worshipping cult's temple.

Originally conceived  as a solo project in 2013 Tempelheks released their debut EP "Red Forest " which got picked up by a doom/stoner channel on YouTube. The unexpected attention motivated Tempelheks to write their self-titled debut album in 2014. Since then, founding member HS has been accompanied by Andreas Prestby (drums, percussion), Espen Sande Larsen (bass, backing vocals) and Sindre Øhman (guitar).

Among the band's inspirations you'll find Uncle Acid, Jex Thoth and Egypt as well as Thin Lizzy, Pentagram and King Crimson. Hailing from the doom streets of Oslo, Norway where they rule together with bands such as Tusmørke, Hymn and Purple Hill Witch. The band is now ready with their second full length which will be released on Heksekunst Productions  on Friday 19th of August.

Drawing lyrical themes that are heavily inspired by characters and events from Robert E. Howard's fantasy universe "Hyboria", today at The Sludgelord, it gives us great pleasure to present their new album “Serpents, Gods and Men” in full for your listening pleasure.  The album can be pre-ordered here

“Serpents, Gods & Men” track listing:

1). The Serpent Citadel
2). Cobra
3). Riders
4). Fall of Man
5). Awakening
6). Come Atlantis
7). Hyperborean Rites
9). An Ancient Wizard
10). Dawn of Man

Band info: bandcamp || facebook