Thursday 18 August 2016

Prognosis warn of cold dystopian future with new single "Drones"

Manchester Progressive metal band Prognosis have returned with a venomous new single in “Drones”. A song that prophesises that technological advancements in modern warfare could leave us at the mercy of emotionless killing machines, the harrowing line “the human touch has left this war,” haunts its chorus.

Juxtaposing the technical, assaulting prog metal of Dream Theater and Meshuggah with the epic and infectious song writing of Muse and Devin Townsend, Prognosis have never sounded more deadly than this.

First debuted live at the end of 2015, it has fast become a staple of their sets and a firm favourite in the Manchester Metal Community. Having teamed up with Chris Taylor at NoiseBoy Studios (Burial. Wolf Bastard, Lester Verde) and The Drum Tamer (Cleft, Mask of Bees, Mothertongue) to lay down the song, this is a recording which packs a real punch.

Complimented by returning artist Paul Cooke’s post-apocalyptic artwork, with “Drones”, Prognosis are making a forceful statement and you can check out the track below

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