Monday 22 August 2016

INTERVIEW: In Conversation with Steve Moss (The Midnight Ghost Train) @ DB's, Utrecht, NL 16/8/2016

By: Victor Van Ommen

The Midnight Ghost Train were on a roll. In 2014 they released the critically acclaimed stomp-rocker, “Cold Was The Ground,” and toured it hard. Real hard. But then Steve Moss - the singer/guitarist of the band - blew up the ligaments in his hand. The Midnight Ghost Train derailed, forcing the band into hibernation. But they never really rested. According to their social media, Steve did everything in his power to keep us up to snuff on his recovery, and kept the band in our thoughts by doing so.   So they never really disappeared. Now they’re “better than ever,” to quote Moss.
We sat down with Steve in Utrecht last week to shoot him a couple of questions regarding his hand as well as the future of the band (yeah, the new album). He was completely open with us by going deep into the details of his hand’s rehabilitation. This brought us into talking about playing style and what we can expect on the band’s new album. Here’s a spoiler – it’s not going to be what we expect.   

Band info: facebook