Tuesday 23 August 2016

The Sludgelord Video Premiere: "Vessel" by Defy The Ocean


Weary and hungry for change, two friends start making music together to combat the curious disease of modern life. An antacid for a burning gut.  Defy The Ocean is born. Chris Theo and Marcos Economides are its creators.
The first single “Place Your Bets” was released in November 2011, it told a tale of revenge. The second single “The Path” was released a month later.  In September 2012 the debut EP “Myopic” was released to critical acclaim.
Since 2013 Marcos and Chris have been working on the follow-up, working to fuse their writing styles more completely. The goal was to create a group of songs, not only thematically linked as was the case with “Myopic”, but to also go deeper, to explore and ultimately capture the isolation, frustration and promise of life and dreams within the swirling technicolour of modern city life, which all too often swallows us whole.
In 2016 Defy The Ocean are back with “Elderflower”, an E.P. of immense scope, traversing alternative, rock, metal and progressive waters to deliver a gripping, sonic odyssey that enthrals from start to finish. Featuring over thirty minutes of finely crafted material that consistently subverts expectations to reveal something fresh, exciting and urgent around every corner; this is a release that must be experienced.
From its haunting, guitar-driven soundscapes and luscious vocal arrangements, to its sumptuous grooves and atmospheric synths, “Elderflower” will pull you into its world and hold you submerged until its final note rings out.  In anticipation of the “Elderflower”s release on 2nd September, today we present the exclusive video for the track “Vessel” which you can check out below and it is available here
Here’s what Defy The Ocean had this to say about it “An acoustic-guitar-driven track on steroids - that's how we describe it. The fact that the bridge features a hundred and twenty year-old instrument called a Chitravina, played furiously by guest musician Vishwanath Sankaran, over a flamenco-style rhythm in 13/8, is just a bonus. Lyrically, it tells a story of gothic proportions, of how the influence of vapid promises (wealth, fame, celebrity etc) can corrupt those close to us. We are ripe for the picking, vampiric forces reaching into our homes and hearts through screens, to rob us of reality and feed us hollow dreams.”

“Elderflower” CD//DD track listing:
1). Rest
2). Veil
3). Elderflower
4). Brine
5). Vessel
6). Poisoned
7). Bones
Band info: facebook