Monday 1 August 2016

The Sludgelord Song Premiere - Toronto Noise rockers Godstopper unleash "It's Alright"

By: Aaron Pickford

A measure of a great band is their ability to hook you into their music from the outset. As a self confessed riff addict for over 20 years, the immediate hook of a powerful and groove based riff, is like no other drug on the planet and is probably twice of addictive.  So when the question was asked, if wanted to premiere a new Godstopper track, the answer was never in doubt, because this Toronto based noise sludge band, deal in riffs. Bearing striking similarities to an amalgamation of tones from Melvins, Failure, YOB, Torche and Big Business, these noise terrorists remain totally unique and sound only like Godstopper can.

Having been a fan of the band since the release of their full length “What Matters” in 2012, the truth is, Godstopper are pioneers of a new movement of noise rock bands.  Taking the platform that was set by AmpRep bands of the 80s and 90s, they have turned that movement on its head, by taking the staccato riffs of say Helmet and throwing them in a blender with a sweet concoction of Torche esque thunder pop sludge and delivering something so addictive, you wish you could chop it on a mirror.
On August 19, a label that is fast becoming a firm favourite here at Sludgelord headquarters, No List Records are set to release a fantastic split release that not only includes, Godstopper, but another Sludgelord favourite, Montreal’s master noise manipulators The Great Sabatini, to deliver 17 minutes of pure noise distortion.  Ahead of the street date, today, we have been given the opportunity to stream a bonafide  riff fest, in the form of a brand new track from Godstopper entitled “It’s Alright” and it is safe to say this track slays.  Forget the fucking Hives, meet your new favourite band

SPLIT: The Great Sabatini / Godstopper will be released on August 19, 2016 and available Digitally and Cassette via No List Records here

SPLIT: The Great Sabatini / Godstopper track listing: 

1. The Great Sabatini - I'm Not The Man Of The Hour (2:09)
2. The Great Sabatini - Shortwave Radio (1:03)
3. The Great Sabatini - The Ear Collector (2:31)
4. The Great Sabatini - Dog Years (Quiet) (2:51)
5. Godstopper - It's Alright (3:59)
6. Godstopper - A Prayer (4:47)

Split Length: 17:23

Band info: The Great Sabatini: | Facebook Twitter @thegreatsabatini Godstopper: Bandcamp | Facebook