Wednesday 5 April 2017

CANADIAN RIFFS: BINGE & PURGE - Lilim - “Lilim” EP & Mad Trapper – “Moments Before Death” EP

By: Mark Tremblay

Lilim - “Lilam” EP (Toronto, Ontario)

The Review:

Lilim are a patriarchy-smashing, all-genre encompassing hardcore band hailing from Toronto Ontario. Lilim have a bit of everything for those into hardcore, black metal and sludge. Lilim switch between all of these genres at hairpin speeds, and in an unpredictable manner.

Lead singer Kirsten White breathes new narratives into the hardcore; writing songs that discuss burning patriarchy, validation of female pleasure, self-confidence, and land rights. Kirsten’s vocals are also well timed and not excessive; filling in the gaps where the music needs it, and at other times letting music breathe. If you are looking for something new in the realm of Hardcore, Lilims new EP is for you.

Band info: bandcamp || facebook

Mad Trapper“Moments Before Death” EP (Toronto, Ontario)

The Review:

It feels like an end of era with Mad Trapper calling it quits. Although the band only had a run of four years, their body of work is one that will not be forgotten in the swarm of Toronto heavy bands. Mad Trapper have honed a tried and true formula; frenetic dissonance that smoulders into a bludgeoning sludge metal. Listeners of the band know what to expect of Mad Trapper, but the combination is just as satisfying every time.

The EP begins with “Creatures” a track that starts with a black metal riff, that then morphs into a ‘variation on a theme” sludge metal. As the song progresses, the riff keeps getting slower and more sparse. Creating a “slam your head through concrete” kind of heavy experience.

The listener is then taken to “Sad Shit” lending the ears a palate cleanser with a drum solo, before once again beating them down with heavydown-tuned riffs. “Moments Before Death” gives us Mad Trapper’s swan song; “PSP”. The song is their most tense and dissonant as a band, making the end swift and dramatic. Mad Trapper was never a band to tire out a good idea, and it has never been clearer than on this EP.

Although the band may be calling it quits. Expect more music to come out from other members in the near future.

Band info: bandcamp || facebook