Friday 28 April 2017

CANADIAN RIFFS: Cancelled – “Tenebrific” & Die Hexe – “Coven”

By: Mark Tremblay

Cancelled“Tenebrific” (Cambridge, Ontario)

“Tenebrific” CD//DD track listing:

1). Restitution
2). Head Over Handlebars
3). Social Impressment

The Review:

Tenebrific” is the brain child of Fuck the Facts/Greber bassist Marc Bourgon. He trades in furious grind core for a more spacey/introspective solo album. These three sorrowful jams focus on self-deprecation, and personal-reflection.

 “Restitutions” is a modern spin on doom metal. Sparse drums are layered with thick bass-lines and synthesizers. The electronic elements of the music are really what bring everything to life, and bring together everything surrounding it.

We then move onto “Head Over Handlebars” which introduces clean vocals from Marc Bourgon; something not previously heard with any of his other projects. This song has more of a “National” influence than anything in relation to heavy music.

As a bass player, Marc Bourgon’s bass passages are catchy and not over done.  Each song on this EP features a bass line that that gets stuck in your head. If this EP featured any guitar, it would feel like a hindrance to the music.

Tenebrific” is available here

Band info: bandcamp || facebook

Die Hexe – “Coven” (Toronto, Ontario)

“Coven” DD track listing:

1). Tough Love
2). Black Crown
3). Unrest
4). Distress
5). Buried
6). Coven
7). Comanche

The Review:

Die Hexe are a sludge metal/hardcore/ post metal band that fill all of your desires from each genre. Their album “Coven” is a no-frills exploration of everything within these genres.

 “Coven” is a concept record about loss that flows effortlessly from one movement to the next. Die Hexe strike a perfect balance between crushing heaviness, and beautiful melodies that is reminiscent of Deafheaven’s New Bermuda”. Very rarely do you hear a heavy band play with dynamic tools, like crescendos and decrescendos, so effectively.

This EP is neatly compacted into under fifteen minutes, and is a must for anyone for anyone who enjoys sophisticated heavy music.

“Coven” is available here

Band info: bandcamp || facebook