Wednesday, 19 April 2017

TRACK PREMIERE: "Years of Sorrow" by Bone Man

Bone Man is a psychedelic rock band from Kiel, Germany. The trio was established in times of all-embracing teenage angst and has been concerned since these days with all the human absurdities one is exposed to in a world of mundane welfare and mental poverty.

While their live shows are usually characterized by a good deal of raw energy with several guitars already falling victim to their excessive performance, generous heaps of melancholy and hidden folk elements are to be found in Bone Man's songs as well. Aside from folk rock and 70s progressive rock, their musical influences include 90s grunge bands such as Soundgarden and the versatile music of John Frusciante.

Since 2009, Bone Man have been touring constantly through Europe, including Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Czech Republic, Poland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria and Italy. During their ten-year band history, they published nine releases altogether: A demo album, one EP, three split releases, one single and three full-length albums on vinyl and CD.

Their upcoming album titled III is scheduled for April 22nd and will be released on Pink Tank Records. This is all about raw fuzz rock, rage, human deficiencies, the mental abyss and the inner swamp lands. You can preorder the album here

So to hell with waiting another few days for the record, today we can exclusively reveal a brand new track entitled “Years of Sorrow” which you can check out below.  We have also include a few words from the band casting more light on what we can expect from the album

"We wrote this album in a relatively short period of time (autumn of 2016), yet sometimes you'd have older bits and pieces flowing around, like short melodies and text fragments that never made it into full-fledged songs. "Years of Sorrow" is such a song – here, some elements of older, more melancholic origin blend with new material of more cynical nature to create an array of contradicting emotions that fits the overall concept of the album."

Band info: facebook