Tuesday, 25 April 2017

INTERVIEW & ALBUM PREMIERE: Demonsmoke deliver down-tuned riffs, punishing rhythms, and aggressive vocals on crushing debut "Morphine Moonshine"

DEMONSMOKE, formed in early 2015, hails from the slums of the Delta, Antioch CA.  Playing their own style of down-tuned heavy blues riffs with punishing rhythms, and aggressive vocals, the band wear their influences on their sleeves, with hints of EYEHATEGOD, Weedeater, Graves at Sea, and Iron Monkey found within their bulldozing doom tones

DEMONSMOKE’s debut full length album, “Morphine Moonshine”, is out May 2nd and  was recorded/mixed/mastered by  none other than Brainoil lynchpin Greg Wilkinson at Earhammer Studios in Oakland, CA. With this man’s stamp on the record, you know you’re guaranteed quality and this debut is no different.  So we couldn’t be more delighted to be debuting this filthy bastard into your ear canals, in conjunction with our friends over at Doomed & Stoned.

To get the low down about the band, I fired six pointless questions in their decision and here is what they have to say.  “Morphone Moonshine” can be streamed below and the interview follows directly after.  And remember in a battle of sludge versus evil, The Sludgelord wins.  

Can you give us an insight into how you started playing music, leading up to the formation of Demonsmoke

Vinny (guitar): Listening bands like Black Sabbath Iron Maiden Judas Priest and other classic bands wanting to know how they make such great riffs

Cam (vocals): Just grew up appreciating heavy music, taking more influence and wanted to be apart of the music myself, play what I wanted to hear  

Mitch (drums): Self taught drummer, learned how to play  hanging out with friends, partying with music equipment.  My drums were a gift from a friend 

Boug (bass): Been an addict of music my entire life..focusing on heavy music since I first heard montrose. I had to be a part of making that music

Although you are set to release “Morphine Moonshine” for folks unfamiliar with your band, is there any bands on the scene past and present that you would use as a reference point band to describe your band, and who or what continues to inspire you and push you to try new things?

Vinny (guitar): EYEHATEGOD, IRON MONKEY, WEEDEATER, BONGZILLA, BUZZOV.EN, GRAVES AT SEA, BRAINOIL. I can make a list that goes forever

Cam (vocals): Sabbath, Sleep, Weedeater, Dopethrone, just love that sinister sound

Mitch (drums): Sleep, Bongzilla, YOB, Bison, Mastodon, Sabbath, Baroness, EHG, Neurosis, Weed eater, Black Cobra

Boug (bass): Eyehategod, Iron monkey, Warhorse, DEMONSMOKE

What can you tell us about your upcoming record and where do you feel it sits within the context of current metal scene

Vinny (guitar):  I think it's a very niche genre some people dig it some people don't I just like playing the music that I would want to hear

Cam (vocals): Loud, dirty fun metal, not for everyone all the time, but I think people will appreciate the intensity and feel something.

Mitch (drums): We play what we want to listen to ourselves.  The record is a gritty, groovy, and extreme showing of our disgust for the greed and wasteful nature of our existence

Boug (bass): Very proud of it. Everybody worked their asses off for it. Very riff heavy, mean vocals, aggressive groove. Hard to tell where we sit, I think we sound like Demonsmoke

Does anything spring to mind when you think about the completion of your upcoming record and how is the mood in the camp at present?

Vinny (guitar): Fucking juiced!

Cam (vocals): Fucking stoked, things have really come together and we can't wait to see how these coming months go

Mitch (drums): Excited as fuck to finally get it out there, been two years in the making!  We are all ready for the future and stoked on all the opportunities out there!

Boug (bass): Fucking stoked!

What stands out as your overarching memory from the recording sessions? How was the experience of working with Greg.  I must say I fucking love Brainoil and the dude seems to know his shit

Vinny (guitar): The man is a straight-up professional an all-around good fucking dude to kick it with and extremely knowledgeable. I've been a fan of Brainoil since the early two thousands and seen them play burnt Ramen and other spots many times and they were a huge influence. The fact that he dug our demo and wanted to record us was fuckin awesome

Cam (vocals): Greg is a master of his craft for sure, the sessions were fun and he really gave us a lot of great insight and advice

Mitch (drums): Greg is a goddamn Doom Wizard!  He's knowledgeable as fuck about all things music, and what's going on in this fucked up world we live in.  The drum room was huge, and he made sure to get the biggest sound out of my kit.  He's a down to earth dude who knows his shit!

Boug (bass): His knowledge and the fact that he is a straight up solid dude.  I was totally blown away that he offered to take us under his wing and help us go above and beyond our expectations. I've loved his body of work for years. So working with him was very cool.

With a solid gold album in the bag, how is your schedule shaping up over the next 12 months?

Vinny (guitar): Book us and we will come

Cam (vocals): We just hope to get out and promote it as much as possible; it’s all about having a good time and bonding with cool people through music. Lots of support from friends

Mitch (drums): We have a couple shows booked and a radio spot, but that's it.  May 10 @ Hemlock Tavern in SF, and June 15 @ Winters in Pacifica.  We are totally open for booking, and always down to play a show. Hit us up!

Boug (bass): We're all hoping..busy as hell

Finally, do you have any final comments/word of wisdom you’d like to bestow upon us?

Vinny (guitar): In a world of shit flush it down with some alcohol

Cam (vocals): This world is fucked up but if you can focus on what makes you happy then at least your time is worth something

Mitch (drums): Do what you love, and don't focus on all the negative around you.  Question and resist the bullshit we all get fed and are told to accept as fact.  Every generation needs a revolution.  Fuck Trump!  WEED>BEER

Boug (bass): Thanks for the coverage. It's much appreciated

Band info: facebook || bandcamp