Thursday, 13 April 2017

ALBUM PREMIERE: Nihilistic industrial doom duo stove-in your skull with new album "Septic, Bitter and Hardbitten"

A true monument in primal sound, “Septic, Bitter and Hardbitten” the sophomore release from nihilist doom duo Phlefonyaar creeps, disorientates and lunges throughout 7 crucifyingly heavy tracks and is the product of a  two mere mortals. Full of pummelling hooks and dark visions, the end result is a maelstrom of focused noise that is starkly terrifying. Taking the blueprint of noise pioneers such as Godflesh and Ministry with an infusion of the none heavier riffs of Crowbar, Phlefonyaar’s grim diatribes are certain to disassemble your cranium with tar thick ear worm, making room 101 seem like a holiday park.

Having thrown their sound on stages across Europe on tour with bands such as Nachtmystium and Dark Fortress and providing support to Baroness on the night before their fateful bus crash, the band are set to spend the rest of 2017 gigging and touring the land. Today were excited to debut “Septic, Bitter and Hardbitten” in full for your listening pleasure ahead of the album’s official release on Friday 14 April 2017 via Cavernous Records . Here is a serious word from vocalist Paul March about the record.  Don’t you just hate rock stars
JYou can order the album here from Friday

"So here we are. You’ve got your best boiled fox hat draped across your head and shoulders and you're skulking in the bushes trying to find the perfect soundtrack to your lost weekend.  Well fear not my luverlies as Phlefonyaar have you covered (not just in black slime) with some new ditties to lurch about to. Enjoy a first glimpse of our jigs of suffering as you do the rickets dance around the rusty swing set in the park, the perfect accompaniment to the inevitable cloud of flies and the reek of cheap Lynx Aztec deodorant and despair.”

Band info: facebook || bandcamp