Wednesday, 14 June 2017

CHOICE CUTS: Shallow North Dakota – “The Apparatus Must Be Earthed” (1997)

By: Mark Tremblay

Years Active: 1992 – 2004?
Records to Date: 4
Genre: Noise Rock, Sludge
Labels: Sonic Unyon

The Band:

Biff Young
Dan Dunham
Tony Jacomes

The Review:

Shallow North Dakota is the band that started it all for the onslaught of Canadian sludge/hardcore bands that followed. Everything from KEN mode to The Great Sabatini, their influence is undeniable. Even though this record was released about twenty years ago, “This Apparatus Must be Earthed” is still as heavy today. If you love riffs, this album is bursting at the seams with them. From the hardcore-tinged “Backbone” and “Cuz”, to the steam-rolling “Lubber” and “Replace the Herzog”, this album has a riff for you. Although often imitated, few have come close to the riffs of this band

The highlight of the album is Tony Jacomes, the bands drummer and singer; the patterns he is able to create while singing is simply astonishing. His vocals have this cheese grater quality to them that breaks through the syrupy nature of the band’s music. You can currently find these member in Crux of Aux and Backbiters.

Album Details:

Playing noise-rock outta Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, Shallow North Dakota released 4 albums during their tenure, the last of which was a self released double LP entitled “Mob Wheel

This Apparatus Must Be Earthed” their 3rd album was issued via Sonic Unyon on 17/06/1996, an album described by Allmusic as “a series of tracks so sludgy, heavy, stomping, metalesque, and generally hardcore that it's difficult not to be affected by them but an album that exudes a good deal of intelligence behind the album's hammering sludge”

“The Apparatus Must Be Earthed” CD//DD//LP track listing:

1). Backbone
2). Greenhorn
3). Cuz
4). Perna Du Pau
5). This Apparatus Must Be Earthed
6). The Lubber
7). Speed King
8). Old Type Rider
9). Outside Dakota
10). Replace the Herzog
11). Cigar Box