Wednesday, 28 June 2017

TRACK PREMIERE: "Conscious Disease" by Philadelphia avant-garde sludge shamans GOD ROOT

Dante Torrieri (C)
Former Sadgiqacea vocalist/drummer Fred Grabosky brings us his new project God Root and following on from their 4 track EP last year, the band are back with their forthcoming release “Salt and Rot” set to hit the streets on CD and digital download on 11 July. 

As with Sadgiqacea, these Philadelphia avant-garde sludge shamans accentuate the heavy parts with quiet moments to create their own brand of primitive and tribalistic sludge, with  doomed cinematic soundscapes.  Each element is added very carefully as to not over saturate the compistional structure of the record, with songs often building tension until you are served with a crushing finale.  

For a band still in its infancy, imagine 'Eye Of Every Storm' era Neurosis with John Dyer Baizley circa 'Red Album' on vocals and you'd be halfway to close to what this record delivers and today we are pleased to be able present a new track in the form of “Conscious Disease”. You can stream it below and check out what vocalist Fred Grabosky (drummer/vocalist) had to say about it. Preorders are available here  and digitally here

"We are quite pleased with how this track came together. It's the most vulnerable and personal piece we've put out thus far. We created 3 personas and the song acts as sort of a dialogue between them. It's essentially the push and pull of oppressive forces, human frailty and self reliance. In some capacity, everyone can relate to this battle of control and weakness. Much like the rest of the album, we poured a lot of our personal pains and strife into this as a release and hope it can do the same for the listener. 

I think of a "conscious disease" as this sort of infectious and destructive thought pattern. It floats among us and attaches to us like a virus to a blood cell. We all know it's there, but we have the power to produce the antibodies to fight it off, or it can consume us whole."

God Rot Live Rituals

8/03 Brooklyn, NY
8/04 Providence, RI
8/05 Kingston, NY
8/06 Syracuse, NY
8/07 Ithaca, NY
8/08 Rochester, NY
8/09 Buffalo, NY
8/10 Cleveland, OH
8/11 Detroit, MI
8/12 Kalamazoo, MI
8/13 Milwaukee, WI
8/14 Chicago, IL
8/15 Indianapolis, IN
8/16 Lexington, KY
8/17 Pittsburgh, PA
8/18 Washington, DC
8/19 Philadelphia, PA 

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