Monday, 5 June 2017

11 IS ONE LOUDER: Vermilion Whiskey debut "Come Find Me" video & choose their Top 5 Stoner albums

We don’t have to tell you that Vermilion Whiskey are from South Louisiana – it’s plain enough from the booze-and-blues soaked riffing of their latest release, ‘Spirit Of Tradition’ released on 17th February 2017.  What you get is six slices of southern fried hard-rock, executed with the kind of honest bar-rock conviction you’d expect to find from a self-confessed ‘working man’s band’.  Steeped in whiskey fueled Rock-N-Roll tradition, their musical roots run deep like river veins stretched across their beloved home state & beyond. VW live and dedicate themselves to the thrill of the stage, no matter the crowd size, you will find 101 proof Vermilion Whiskey.

Today we have a double helping of Vermilion Whiskey, with the premiere of their new lyric video for their track “Come Find Me” and we have also invited 3/5 of the band namely
Ross, Carl and Thaddeus to talk us through their top 5 stoner albums, so prepare to worship at the altar of volume, as we take our weekly trip into the extreme and turn the volume all the way up to 11.  Why do we go to 11,  because “It’s one louder, isn’t it?

Choosing our top 5 ‘Stoner’ albums is absolutely impossible. We could have probably picked our top 100 albums easier. The ‘Stoner’ tag is a broad spectrum of music evolving from grunge, punk, heavy metal, sludge, desert, psychedelic, acid rock, etc…!!! At its core, what defines the genre is the groove and emphasis on guitar riffs. For Vermilion Whiskey we have more of a whiskey fuelled hard driving sound, so naturally most of our favourite stoner albums tend to be on the thrashier and heavier side and is surely evident in the music we write. Pour another shot….

Down – “NOLA”

Being from South Louisiana, this album hits home and is probably the biggest influence on most of my song writing and guitar style. This album is a true classic and powerhouse collective of some the best rockers around. This album never gets old. – Ross Brown

Black Sabbath – “Master of Reality”

This is probably my favorite Sabbath album, classic songs that are just as good today as they were written 46 years ago!!  Iommi amazes me, every time I listen to his playing I hear some little nuance that I hadn't heard before. – Carl Stevens

Electric Wizard - “Dopethrone”

Really having found their sound with their second album “Come My Fanatics”, they took it to the next level with my personal favorite, “Dopethrone”, further proving that they are not from this planet, and are one of the heaviest bands in the fucking universe. – Thaddeus Riordan

Trouble  – “Trouble”

True pioneers to the stoner genre and totally under rated in the US although they are a US band. Trouble is dual guitar shredding at its finest. Their latest album, “Distortion Field”, features Louisiana’s finest Kyle Thomas on vocals and is an instant classic. – Ross Brown

Sleep – “Holy Mountain”

Heavy, clean, crisp riffs put this one in the top five easily. There's a great energy to this album despite the slow grooves. – Carl Stevens

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