Friday, 23 June 2017

6 NEW BANDS: Nikos Mixas' 666 Pack Review June 2017

The 666 Pack Review


It’s the June edition of THE SLUDGELORD’s 666 Pack Review!  Metal festivals are kicking off all over the globe and what better way to celebrate? By listening to…well, you guessed it, more metal!!!  If you’re new to this, each and every month we handpick 6 review submissions and critique them by only using 6 words, then we rate them on a scale from 1 to 666!  Check out our awesome rating scale below: 

1 – Hey, at least you guys are more credible than Five Finger Death Punch at the moment...
2 – Now that it’s summer, at least your friends will have less of an excuse for not checking out your band.
3THE SLUDGELORD made it through the whole song!  Congrats!
4 – You’re good enough to secure a spot right before the touring headliners. 
5 – Not many things are better than going to the beach or having ice cream on a hot summer’s day, but             your band just made that list. 
666THE SLUDGELORD thinks your band is so hot; we’re referring to you to Satan himself to keep those temps up in hell!   

Some of the best metal festivals are kicking off this month and it seems like everyone is on tour.  Summer is also prime time to record and submit your demos and THE SLUDGELORD is awaiting them.  THE SLUDGELORD is a picky listener…and doesn’t care what you think of his opinions….


Dwoom  - “Pale Mare Demo MMXVII” (Sundsvall, Sweden)    Rating: 666

Modern day Candlemass worship, doom on!


Former Worlds - “Photos of Eve IX-XVI” (Minneapolis, USA)   Rating: 4

Epic, spacey and grim with nightmares.


Sarattma - “Inner Spaces” (Philadelphia, USA)   Rating: 5

Hints of Mastodon, Meshuggah and calculus…

Monoceros - “Space Dungeon” (Canberra, Australia)   Rating: 3

For fans of Sleep and boredom.

Weird Tales - “Weird Tales” (Warsaw, Poland)   Rating: 2

The Polish do black metal better.

Dead Level“Dead Level” (Belem, Para, Brazil)   Rating: 2

Studied the book of Iommi riffing.

Band info: Dwoom || Former Worlds || Weird Tales