Thursday, 1 June 2017

TRACK PREMIERE: L.M.I. open their chariot of riffs and take you for a ride with "Destined for the Ground"

Formed in 2010, when bassist Brando and Will Hinkle had been jamming for a little while and needed a drummer. Will shortly recruited their drummer, whom he known from another band he had previously played in and asked if he wanted to jam. L.M.I. was born. Mixing a variety of influences within their sound, L.M.I. infuse stoner, punk and hardcore into fast paced riffs, resulting in a noise that packs an almighty punch.  Referring themselves as ‘weird punk rock’ Lazy Middle-Class Intellectuals (L.M.I.) would release their debut album “Sleepwalker” just over two years ago, an album that would confound expectations of the traditional stoner heads, but with its blazing guitars, pissed off vocals and the band’s unconventional delivery, L.M.I. delivered a strange beast of an album, but one that was equally addictive as it was  unconventional, exuding that true punk spirit of not playing by the rules and fucking with traditional stereotypes.

Fast forward to 2017, and with the blistering EP, “III” bookended between the last three years, L.M.I, are set to open their chariot of riffs for another intense wild ride, one that you won't easily forget in a hurry, as the band are set to release their latest full length via Dullest Records on June 16th, entitled “Far Beyond Nothing”.  Recorded at Catapult Studios in North Wales, PA, mixed and mastered by Matt Buckley and with stunning album artwork courtesy of FTG Illustrations, today at The Sludgelord we can exclusively reveal a brand new track for your listening pleasure.  Check out the mammoth punk stoner bastard that is “Destined for the Ground” below. 

The label is taking preorders now and L.M.I. are also set to hit the road this summer.  All the dates for these live rituals can be viewed below.  

Band info: bandcamp || facebook