Tuesday, 27 June 2017

FOR THOSE ABOOT TO ROCK: A countdown to Canada day with 5 Underrated Canadian cult classics

By: Mark Tremblay

Priestess- “Prior to the Fire”

A band remembered by many for their guitar hero favourite “Laydown produced an absolute classic follow up record with “Prior to the Fire”. If riffs are what you dig, this album is full of them; the NWOBHM classics like “Lady Killers” and “It Baffles the Mind”, to sludgy down-tuned jaunts of “Murphy’s Law” and “We Ride Tonight”, the record has a bit of something for everyone.

Unlike a lot of stoner metal acts, the band does not merely rely on riffs alone. The

vocals of Mikey Heppner gives the album its melodic sensibilities; offering a catchy hook on every track. This album is perfect from top to bottom.

Anion- “Without Solace”

“Without Solace” is a deep-cut in the catacombs of the No-List Records catalogue.  Do not let the beautiful album art fool you, this is a deeply disturbing record that truly sounds unique. Tons of off-kilter riffs and rhythms that make for an uneasy listening experience. A stand alone record in the quagmire of hardcore/sludge metal bands.

Collider- “Collider” EP

Collider managed to only put together one EP before disappearing all-together. They were riff-centric, while still having the swing that many sludge metal bands lack. Collider represents what Mastodon would have sounded like if they continued down the path they forged with their first record “Remission”.


Hamn- “Pig People”

By far the catchiest heavy record to come out of Canada last year. This end of year release went fairly unnoticed by most, but is undeniably an instant classic. The best way to describe Hamn would be “Dave Grohl as the lead singer for a Torche cover band”. This band really is the perfect blend of melody, and pummelling riffs.

Mares of Thrace- “The Pilgrimage”

Arguably the most visceral and bleak record on this list. “The Pilgrimage” tells the dark biblical tale of David and Bathsheba. The record is brooding like a doom record, but has the frenetic riffs that would appeal to a variety of Metal fans. Unlike many records, “The Pilgrimage” is meant to be played from front to back to fully appreciate the entire sonic palate created by Mares of Thrace.