Wednesday, 14 November 2018

ALBUM PREMIERE: Disrule deliver riffs with more fat than Danish Bacon on sophomore "Sleep In Your Honour"

The world has many things to thank Denmark for over the years, not least its incomparable sense of style and Copenhagen is home to some of the world’s most sought-after designer brands and classic products. My kids would say the piece de resistance is Lego, however they probably haven't stepped on it with no socks on, if they had I am sure they’d change their tune haha.  Have you done it?  Hurts like fuck doesn’t it

When I was a kid the most famous Dane I was aware of other than Lurpak butter was Jan Molby, then when I got into metal, Lars Ulrich was obviously a name associated with Denmark and is arguably one of the countries most recognisable faces, reviled and loved in equal measure, when you trace the roots of Danish heavy metal he is probably top of the tree.

Hailing from Denmark, you’d be mad(s)(Mikkelson) to overlook the band DISRULE., because they are a diamond (King), a doom/stoner heads wet dream, because these guys can groove and rock out with the best of 'em. Clutch, Down, Fu Manchu and the mighty Black Sabbath all come to mind upon listening to their second recordSleep In Your Honour” and in keeping with the spirit of legendary bands such as Sabbath, it was recorded live at Dead Rat Studio in just two days. 

Streaming in full today exclusively, ensure you turn this one up loud(drup) with a bier (Susanne) in hand.    Sleep In Your Honour” is released this Friday via Seeing Red Records and is available HERE

Band info: facebook