Monday 2 March 2020

ALBUM REVIEW: Godthrymm, "Reflections"

By: Peter Morsellino

Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 14/02/2020
Label: Profound Lord

“Reflections” CD//DD//LP track listing:

1). Monsters Lurk Herein
2). Among The Exalted
3). The Sea As My Grave
4). We Are The Dead
5). The Light Of You
6). The Grand Reclamation
7). Cursed Are The Many
8). Chasmic Sorrows

The Review:

A powerful mix of brooding doom and anthemic theatricality, Godthrymm bring forth a masterpiece of gothic rock.  Dramatic and brawny with a deep emotional inflection.  With an eclectic combination of styles mixing together to form a cohesive sound, “Reflections” is surely worth a listen.

Throughout “Reflections” one could find comparisons to later period Iron Maiden tracks as well as the deep gloom of My Dying Bride. Every track is dripping in emotion, setting up a scene for the listener to lose themselves within, at times, acting more like a musical score than anything else.  Atmospheres are thick, setting the stage, while rhythms take on multiple forms. From tribal grooves to static mood elements to driving metal beats, drums take this theatrical concept to a whole new level.

Guitars are layered thick throughout “Reflections”.  Beautiful harmonies are plentiful, with heavily textured chords filling in the sound powerfully.  Solos are emotive in a very classical style that create an immersive experience that pulls the listener in and holds them in their grip.  They never seem overbearing though, serving the songs principally.

Vocals are a diverse mix, that really standout. With a dramatic flair that conveys a warmth and sentiment that is missing in much of modern music. They can range from swooping melodies to a crunchy growl. Harmonies are well placed, coming in at just the right moment, creating a haunting dynamic experience.

In my opinion, this one is best enjoyed all at once. Carve yourself out an hour to sit down and give this one a listen. Take in the stories that it will tell. Get lost in it and enjoy.

“Reflections” is available HERE

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