Thursday 19 March 2020

ALBUM REVIEW: Medium, "Medium"

By: Thomas Gonzales

Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 06/03/2020
Label: Transcending Obscurity Records

“Medium” CD//DD track listing:

1). Skullcomet Sorcery
2). Maximum Rampage
3). El Gigante
4). Black Future Patrol
5). Gargola
6). Night Vision
7). Radiation Huntress

The Review: 

Argentinian newcomers, Medium, bring a tumultuous and crashing cacophony of Grindcore and crust punk that feels as at home in the death metal subgenre as it does in the punk and hardcore scene. At first listen it's easy to miss some of the subtle nuance that makes Medium stand out amongst their peers, however, upon a re-listen, you'll find that there is a lot of interesting and complex songwriting often lacking from other bands in the same category. Each time you play it, there is one more layer you missed, and each play through is better than the last. 

“Medium”, the debut self-titled album from Medium, is a one two punch of fury; raging blast beats, death growls, and speedy tremolo picking elevates the pulse, and immediately energizes the listener. This is the kind of music that makes you put your foot down a little heavier on the accelerator. 

Thankfully unlike other Grindcore bands, this is the type of album that you can use to introduce your friends and family to the genre; it's quite an easy listen and given some of the more melodic sensibilities present, there's a little something for everybody across the metal spectrum. In particular, the solos and break downs are a real treat, featuring excellent fret work, and speedy riffs over pummeling rhythm sections. Medium could easily become the next "must see live” band, as it's just such a spirited release. Being able to translate so much energy into an album is impressive, and one can only imagine how much more they would offer in the flesh.

Unlike other reviewers, I find it’s short runtime to be a virtue; often bands work so hard to stretch out the content of their releases, that they lose focus, allowing the track quality to vary in consistency. That’s not the case with Medium; because the album is so short, it feels like every song is precision crafted to offer only the best possible listening experience. Quality tracking, tight composition, and diversity makes Medium a gem amongst the rubble of big-name releases, and a premier 
worthy of all it’s accolades.  

“Medium” is available HERE

Band info: bandcamp || facebook