Saturday 21 March 2020

ALBUM REVIEW: On Thorns I Lay, "Threnos"

By: Thomas Gonzales

Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 21/02/2020
Label: Lifeforce Records

“Threnos” CD//DD//LP track listing:

1). The Song of Sirens
2). Ouranio Deos
3). Cosmic Silence
4). Erynies
5). Misos
6). Threnos
7). Odysseia

The Review:

Self-proclaimed "Pure Depressive Metal" pioneers On Thorns I Lay return once again, following up 2018's "Aegean Sorrow" with their latest album, "Threnos".

Their ninth studio release features a familiar blend of flourishing string instrumentals, coral vocals, and piano interludes. On Thorns I Lay continues their journey of experimentation and introspection, refining techniques they've evolved since their inception in 1992.
Like many of the band's peers who influenced their style, On Thorns I Lay have undergone stylist changes, diversifying the original sound found on their debut album "Sound of Beautiful Experience" in 1995. Following a similar pattern of growth, On Thorns I Lay evolved with the genre; transitioning through extreme metal subgenres like Death/Doom, Melodic Death Metal, and even Blackened Doom Metal, bringing it all forward into their latest projects.

While Veterans of the industry, many listeners are only now discovering this band, and it's due in part to the sheer quality of their last few releases; "Threnos" is no exception. Reminiscent of the Peaceville Three, there is a diverse canvas of sound present in their music, adding a Hard Rock Goth approach to their brand of Metal, while sowing a thread of melodic sensibilities throughout each track. More importantly, their musicianship continues to improve, offering not only a high-quality production, but intuitive composition as well.

Riffage on the song "Misos" brings the hard rock element into the spotlight with catchy rhythms and hooks; a refreshing nuance in what is generally a very droning genre. Title track "Thenos" on the other hand, portrays a more Death Metal sensibility, focusing on throaty growls and pounding rhythm sections, that give way to the melodic nature seen throughout other songs on the album. Even though it starts off strong, it's the latter part of the release that really shines. Each track is tailored to create a sensation of grandeur, sweeping the listener away in the turbulent roil, before it crashes into the finale of weeping guitar solos, and acoustic interludes of "Oddysseia". 

On Thorns I Lay have an extensive history, but thankfully, now is absolutely the best time to get familiar with their works. "Aegean Sorrow" found itself on many Year End Lists in 2018, and with this being the most refined their music has been yet, it isn't a far stretch to think "Threnos" may see similar success. Pick-up "Threnos" on Lifeforce Records today.

“Threnos” is available HERE

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