Wednesday 18 March 2020

ALBUM REVIEW: Radian, "Chapters"

By: Peter Morsellino 

Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 06/02/2020
Label: Independent

“Chapters” DD track listing:

1). Stonier
2). Nothing Gets Through
3). Beast
4). Hearts of Metropolis
5). Not Dying

The Review:

Mixing earth shaking doom with sweetly flowing melodies can be a tricky task to master. Many times, you can end up with a noisy mess that drowns out any intricacies that were included.  Conversely, there's always the possibility of watering down the product too much, stripping it of any of the power and aggression that it once contained. On “Chapters”, Radian walks this line skillfully, delivering a well-rounded album that stays fresh over repeated listens.

The heaviness of “Chapters” cannot be understated. Low tuned riffing rattles the earth to its very core, with punishing density and a molten anger that burns clean through the soul.  Melodic lines sing like weeping angels, creating a stark contrast to the destruction Radian unleashes.   The top-notch production of the album plays no small part in this. With such crushing tones, it can be incredibly easy for a mix to become muddy and lose all distinction.  This is not the case here, as every brutal note and melancholic wail can be heard with crystal clarity. Bass enthusiasts will rejoice at the amazing bass tone which cuts through the mix like a knife through butter. With the amount of noise this band makes, the transparency is quite frankly awe inspiring. 
Album opener “Stonier” showcases Radain's ability to blend darkness with light expertly. Stoner rock riffs descend into full on doom chaos.  Interspersed with an endearing sadness with beautiful melodies floating through the tracks nine plus minutes, “Stonier” breaks through the gate with a statement of just what this band is capable of.

“The Beast” is a surprise helping in the center of a pleasantly surprising record. Channeling the likes of Tool and Marilyn Manson in a disturbing introduction before sliding intonation melodic sludge which is hard to beat by the best in the genre. Vocals standout on this track, offering up a wide arrangement of styles and techniques.

Radian come on strong with “Chapters” and they do not let up until it's over. With crunchy but melodic guitars, varied vocals, a driving rhythm section and a bass tone that can't be duplicated, this one is certainly a fresh take on the sludge sound as a whole.  Sure to be enjoyed over repeated listens, I simply can't recommend this one enough.

“Chapters” is available HERE

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