Monday 9 March 2020

ALBUM TYPE: Ian Blurton, "Signal Through The Flames"

By: Peter Morsellino

Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 03/01/2020
Label: Pajama Party

“Signal Through The Flames” CD//DD//LP track listing:

1). Eye of the Needle
2). Seven Bells
3). Days Will Remain
4). The March of Mars
5). Nothing Left to Lose
6). ICQ
7). Kick Out the Lights
8). Night of the Black Goat
9). Into Dust

The Review:

With its powerful hooks and a fun seventies aesthetic, Ian Blurton's “Signal Through the Flames” is an absolute good time. An album that stands tall with the best of anything classic rock radio could offer.  Truly an album beyond it's time; this is a blast from the past that will surely introduce new fans to the glory of yesteryear.

Influences across the album are diverse without abandoning a central theme. A gorgeous mix of stoner riffs and vocal harmonies with a melodic bass sound and a style of drumming that was sadly lost somewhere in time. Electronics and keyboards fill out the mix with a textured atmosphere to complete the sound.

Album opener “Eye of the Needle” is of particular interest with a retro futuristic electronic atmosphere mixing with a very pleasant guitar melody that morphs into a rollicking jam rocker. On the whole, you are left wondering when Klaatu got so badass.  “The March of Mars” is a stoner masterpiece with riffs that would be very welcome on the classic “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” album. Keys round out the aesthetic, keeping things fresh while familiar. 

“Kick Out the Lights” stands out to me with its driving pace and guitar harmonies. It is just such a comfortable sound. It brings me back to a time when, despite its growing complexity, music just seemed more simple, more easy to enjoy.  The bass tone on this song is absolutely lovely. Everything that a bass line is supposed to be. A+ on that element alone.

“Signal Through the Flames” is a tribute to all the power rock that has come before it without becoming derivative. It would be easy for this album to fall into the realm of a nostalgia act, or even a work of parody, but the masterful writing and musicianship throughout keep its head held high.  Ian Blurton stands tall against the rock giants of the past, not as an imitator, but as an equal.

“Signal Through The Flames” is available HERE

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