Thursday 22 October 2015

Desertfest Belgium 2015: An Interview with Causa Sui - Beyond 1969

By: Victor Van Ommen 
Camera by: Martin Luyckx

Causa Sui are psych-rock masters. Both colorful and textured, their sound traverses musical genres, generations, space, and time. Whether they are busy jamming on the “Summer Sessions” or constructing thought-out musical escapades like on their 2013 release, “Euporie Tide,” Causa Sui are a band who are the frontrunners of modern psychedelic rock. Beside the band, Causa Sui with Jonas Munk on guitar, Jakob Skott on drums, Jess Kahr on bass, Rasmus Rasmussen on the keyboards and electronics – also run a label named El Paraiso, featuring some other gems of the genre like Papir and The Brian Ellis Group. In short, Causa Sui are more than a band, they are an entity, and I’d recommend keeping an eye on them.

They played Desertfest Belgium last weekend and I had the pleasure to sit down with them and ask them some questions. The answers they gave were open and honest and they also shared news of an impending new album, so if you're interested in the band and heavy psych music, then throw your feet up on the table and check out the interview below:

Band info: facebook