Thursday 8 October 2015

Desertfest Belgium - 'The Fine Print': Belzebong

By: Victor Van Ommen


Belzebong are going to smoke out the Desert Stage on Saturday at 16:00. They’re going to come in and blow rings of fuzz so thick that every other band who will play that stage after them will enjoy a contact high. What will make their show even better is that their thick, evil, stoner blues isn’t a gimmick and judging by the last Sour 16 (LINK), there are quite a few of you who can get down with the Belzebong party. So as part of our ‘Fine Print’ feature for Desertfest Belgium I decided to sit down with Belzebong and get to know them a little better. Dig in:

SL): What was the first song you ever performed in front of an audience when you were learning your instrument and how did you experience that?

Sheepy Dude:Bong Thrower” in Cracow, it was a blast, man!

Alky Dude: For me it was some Unleashed cover, back in the secondary school days.

SL): What was the album you were listening to the first time you got high?

Sheepy Dude: The first time I got high I was listening to The Sky.

Alky Dude: Ha, I don’t remember.

SL):  What album made you decide to start playing in a band?

Sheepy Dude: A lot of albums by a lot of different bands playing different genres led to that point but I would say that Sleep’sDopesmoker” is the one that’s most to blame.

Alky Dude: I guess it was Venom’sBlack Metal” and Sodom’sIn the Sign of Evil.”

SL): What song will you play first at Desertfest and why did you decide to open your set with this song?

Sheepy Dude: We’ll open with “Bong Thrower!” Its simple and as far as I’m concerned, the best opening track. It’s lazy slow and sets me in the right mood to go.

Alky Dude: Yeah, “Bong Thrower,” I love it’s narcotic power of hypnosis.

SL): Which bands do you want to see at Desertfest?

Sheepy Dude:  This is the best line up ever, dude! I want to go see Bongzilla, Goatsnake, Earth, Moon Duo, Causa Sui, and USA Out of Vietnam!

Alky Dude: Man, there’s a lot but Goatsnake is the one!

Band info: facebook | bandcamp

October 9-11th at Trix Muziekcentrum – Antwerp
3 day tickets (96€) on sale HERE