Tuesday 6 October 2015

Desertfest Belgium - The Fine Print: !Pendejo!

By: Victor Van Ommen

Every festival has them, the bands whose names are printed in small print at the bottom of the poster. These are usually the festival’s little gems, they are the secret weapons, the cure for any hangover. But during all the hoopla about the headliners, these little guys sometimes get overlooked. Desertfest Belgium is no different, but The Sludgelord wants to change this and will do so by spending the next five days shining a light on those Fine Print bands to help get you in the mood for Desertfest Belgium and to get your asses out to the front of the stage early.


The hard hitting, heavy, hairy as fuck, loogy hawking, riff-metal, trumpet toting, Spanish language rock band from Amsterdam, !Pendejo!, is worth each and every one of their exclamation marks. They’ll be partying down at Desertfest Belgium on the Saturday and coincidentally marked this occasion by releasing a music video one week ago today for their song “Unero” – which is their third video in the last year – from their sophomore album “Atacames.” (For some reason, there is no exclamation marks used in the album’s title. There should be). Presumably, considering the mustache singer El Pastuso puts to his upper lip with his fingers, the song is politically charged. Unfortunately, my Spanish isn’t good enough to discern the actual meaning of the song and confirm my suspicion but one thing’s for sure, these guys will leave a mark if you stand too close.

They hit the Vulture Stage on Saturday at 15.00 and I don’t want to hear any of you whining about that being too early; if they can get up and at ‘em by that time, so can you! Enjoy their rock out:

October 9-11th at Trix Muziekcentrum – Antwerp
3 day tickets (96€) on sale HERE

Band info: official | facebook | bandcamp