Thursday 1 October 2015

The Sludgelord Song Premiere: 'Starship Mother Sh*t’ by Grizzlor

By: Aaron Pickford

Firm favourites at The Sludgelord and rising noise rock power trio, Grizzlor are set to release their next record with Hex Records .   Entiled ‘Cycloptic’ a 7 song 7" vinyl, it is with great excitement that we premiere the stunning track ‘Starship Mother Sh*t’ for your listening pleasure.  To set the mood, here is what John from Grizzlor had to say about this fantastic track

"A little ditty that came together after just another typical, monotonous day.  Some of us being fans of old Star Trek, along with a miserable day upon us, the song came into existence. It's basically an ode to those days when everything just sucks and you'd rather just disappear from this planet. I guess technically if Scotty was beaming you up, you'd end up on the Starship Enterprise, but I guess that might be cool?"

‘Cycloptic DD//7inch track Listing:

1. Sundays Are Stupid
2. I'm That A**hole
3. Life's a Joke
4. Tommy
5. Winter Blows
6. War Machine
7. Starship Mother Sh*t

Label info: facebook | bandcamp