Monday 5 October 2015

Desertfest Belgium – The Fine Print: Fever Dog

By: Victor Van Ommen

Every festival has them, the bands whose names are printed in small print at the bottom of the poster. These are usually the festival’s little gems, they are the secret weapons, the cure for any hangover. But during all the hoopla about the headliners, these little guys sometimes get overlooked. Desertfest Belgium is no different, but The Sludgelord wants to change this and will do so by spending the next five days shining a light on those Fine Print bands to help get you in the mood for Desertfest Belgium and to get your asses out to the front of the stage early.

Day One: Fever Dog

Who are they?

Fever Dog is a young power trio with Danny Graham and Nathan Wood taking care of the stringed instruments and behind them sits Joshua Adams, the guy who gets to hit things.

What do they do?

Fever Dog plays hazy Desert Rock in the spirit of the 60s and 70s and even though they share the same area code as Brant Bjork and John Garcia, don’t go thinking that Fever Dog sounds anything like Kyuss. Their brand of rock is one that’s exploratory in not only the songwriting but also vibe so if you like the Jimi Hendrix’s of this world, you’ll dig Fever Dog.

When do they play?

Fever Dog takes to the Vulture Stage at the guaranteed good time of 16:30 on Sunday. What do you do around that time on your average Sunday? That’s what I thought. If you keep it low and keep it friendly, then security won’t bust your ass and you can bear witness to this new wave of Desert Rock in peace.

Where should you stand?

Normally, for jam bands of this ilk, I’d say go grab a spot next to the sound guy, close your eyes, and dig in. In the case of Fever Dog, however, I’ll go ahead and suggest you get up close and personal with those amps. There will be some colorful tones emanating from the stage and you’d be a fool not to want to be the first in line to soak it up.

Why should you see them?

Fever Dog exudes confidence and brotherhood live. They’re locked in, which enables them to get lost in the music. Whether they’re turned to face each other or hidden behind a wall of hair, there’s a connection that melds all the instruments into one, singular sound, and that sound is Fever Dog. If you’re already familiar with the band then you’ll be pleased to hear that they’re working on a follow up to their 2014 sophomore album, so you may even be treated to a new jam or two.

October 9-11th at Trix Muziekcentrum – Antwerp
3 day tickets (96€) on sale HERE

Band info:  facebook | official | bandcamp