Tuesday 20 December 2011


Live at Klas Cover Art

Lines and Terminals is a Anthemic-Rock/Stoner-Metal Band from Chicago, USA.

Lines and Terminals play an intriguing blend Instrumental/Ambient/Anthemic Rock with a great blend of Stoner Metal added to proceedings.

Feeling more like a more out there version of fellow Chicago residents PELICAN this band are just a brilliantly talented band in their own right.

Blending the different sounds of Post-Rock and Stoner-Metal with ambient soundscapes this band truly standout in a world of their own. They do add vocals to some of the tracks but they are mostly instrumental based songs.

The band don’t fall into any one unique category but rather a brilliant blend of all the genres concerned.

Yes some riffs might sound like Pelican but Lines and Terminals do add some great experimental sounds and vibes to their music. This gives Lines and Terminals a truly hypnotic psych-edge to stand out from the crowd.

Their latest release is a brilliant live album. Live At Klas is a 6 song 35 minute opus which shows a truly talented band at the top of their game performing to an enthusiastic audience.

The songs on show are played superbly and to brilliant effect. The album is brilliantly produced for a live release. Not one note is played out of place.

The sound is great. Every note is played loud and thick which is what a live album should be. These guys deserve top-marks for releasing a live album as their next release. As they easily could of released an EP of some sort. But this release shows these guys are an outstanding live act with a great stage presence to match.

I have seen this posted on this other blogs but I was weary about checking them out but I finally did and I am glad that I did. As otherwise I would of missed out on a top-notch Experimental Post-Rock/Stoner Metal band.

This is a brilliant live album I urge everyone to check out. Superbly played and produced by all involved.

You can own this brilliant release for free from BandCamp. Simply superb and definitely recommended.

Check out this great band below:


Check out the superb "French Press" from their outstanding new release.