Tuesday 20 December 2011


Stone Angels are a Sludge/Stoner Metal Band from ChristChurch, New Zealand

The members are:

SB - Guitar / Vocals
GE - Drums
MC - Bass
KS - Live Guitar

Stone Angels are a brilliant and brutal experimental Sludge Metal Band playing top-notch ambient down-tempo Sludge/Stoner Metal riffs to chill your bleak soul to.

Read their thought-provoking bio on how this great band got together. Intriguing Stuff on how this band got together.

"The band is not stylistically bound to any tag, fusing elements of doom, rock, metal all into a lo-fi and aggressive melting pot. It was formed in the ruins of Christchurch New Zealand after two devastating earthquakes hit the city a 7.1 and 6.3 respectively, not to mention 10s of thousands of aftershocks. Although not conscious of it at the time, the band sought to expell the frustration and emotion of such an environment through musical liberation. Stone Angels writes most of its material off the cuff, without pre conceptions in an effort to best capture the feeling of the times in this city. To capture in an almost 'abstract expressionist' way how it is to live through turmoil of this nature. This has been the focus until now, however the direction is not limited by anything other than those creating the music.

In the bands short history they have self recorded and released this full length debut, and shared the stage with Creeping (akl) Thrall (australia) and Ulcerate (akl) who have recently been added to the Relapse Records roster. The band is comprised of members with playing experience in bands such as Sinistrous Diabolus, Diocletian, Witchrist, Odiusembowel and Second Gear Grind."

Well the band mix their different genres of Doom., Lo-Fi, Rock, Stoner and Sludge music to superb effect. Their debut album “Within The Witch” is a 7 song 35 minute pulsating thrill ride fro m start to finish.

Full of heavy-pounding Sludge Metal riffs but played at a great Punk Lo-Fi levels to make this band a true standout in the realm of Sludge Metal.

Since what has happened to the band recently they really do paint a bleak atmosphere with their superb experimental Sludge Metal music.

The guys show their brilliant experimental roots to great effect especially on the sublime “White Light, White Noise”. The song has a truly haunting ambient noise effect played matched with brilliant lo-fi Doom/Sludge riffage. Imagine if SunnO))) went proper Sludge Metal. This superb song would be the end result.

If your not in the mood for experimental sludge metal music then I urge for you to move on. These guys play their own rules and  no one is going to tell them different.

The album does have great Stoner Metal riffs showing every now and again. Especially on the awesome “Bleeding Black”. A 3.40 fast and furious Punk Driven Sludge/Stoner Metal masterclass in heavy riffage.

The guys are all superb musicians with superb drumming to match the great guitar work on show. Credit must also goto vocalist as his vocals really drive this top-notch album from start to finish.

Throw in great ambient lo-fi noise effects and you definitely have a weird and wonderful album to check out.

If you want something different in your Sludge/Stoner Metal music then I can’t recommend these guys highly enough. This is music to make you think while punishing the senses to. A brilliant album by a truly outstanding band to keep an eye out for.

I can’t compare this band to anyone else at the moment which is always a good sign to me. As it’s a sign of a band that have a truly original sound on their hands who will hopefully release more brilliant albums in the years to come.

Within The Witch is simply an amazing release by one of the most original bands I have heard in years. This album has astounded me with its vision, creativity and it’s originality. Within The Witch has the potential to be considered a classic in years to come. It’s simply that amazing.

Highly recommended!!!

What is even more Stone Angels are allowing me to provide a link so everyone can download this brilliant release for free. And since StonerRobixxx has already done this. Download this masterpiece from his brilliant blog here.

If you want to own this brilliant release in a physical format then email this great band here. International Orders are more than welcome.

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