Tuesday, 20 December 2011


Demo Cover Art

A God Or An Other are a Sludge/Black-Metal Band from Seattle, Washington.

The members are

Sam Pickel: Drums/Vocals
Trent Boyd: Guitars/Vocals

A God Or An Other play bleak down-tempo Sludge Metal with a Black Metal influence to stand out from the crowd. Imagine if Wolves In The Throne Room/Nachtmystium went full on Sludge Metal then this would be the outstanding result.

The band have just released their S/T Demo. 3 tracks that run for a soul-shattering 31 mins or so.

This Demo is one of those demos that pop out of nowhere and astound you in what your hearing. As the demo is superbly produced and the 3 songs on show are all played brilliantly well.

The vocals have an eerie feel to them that will send a shiver down your spine.

The 3 tracks on show are all brilliant epics that you have to listen to time and time again. Especially the 12 minute epic “Synesthesia”. Full of bone-crunching riffs to get stuck into

So if your into WIITR & Nachtmystium then your going to love these guys. As they play the same type of new breed of BM riff with a great psychedelic edge. Only in this case it’s a superb Psych Sludge Metal edge.

A God Or An Other have crafted a truly outstanding release they should rightly be proud of. It’s hard to believe this is a demo release as this can easily pass for a professional record release.

These guys have some superb ideas on show to backup their undeniable talent. I will definitely keep an eye on these talented Sludge Rockers.

You can download this brilliant release for free from BandCamp and I urge you all to download this now. Highly recommended!!!

Check Out This Great Band Below: