Friday 23 December 2011


Portrait of Dope Flood

Dopeflood are a Stoner Rock/Heavy Rock Band from Greece

Dopeflood  are a superb Stoner Rock/Heavy Rock Band mixing modern rock/metal influences superbly into their music. Their bio should tell you what this hugely talented band have accomplished so far:

"The Band was formed in the Spring of 2010.Band members are : Manos - Vocals, Cris - Guitar , Asterios - Bass And Bill Drums.The band plays live shows regulary around Greece and has supported many known Artist such as Innerwish and Planet Of Zeus.In March 2011 the first official release of the band came out,the EP "A Planet On Four Legs" ,which received positive response from music fans and critics(Metal Hammer and many more), has been played and being played by radios and tv shows around Europe, USA And Australia."

Their debut EP – “A Planet On Four Legs” is heavy rocking blast of top notch grooves and brilliant Stoner Rock riffs. It contains 3 songs and runs for a brilliant 18 mins or so.

But 18 mins is all this band needs to throw some damn fine mighty impressive Stoner Riffs. The EP is a total blast from start to finish incorporating some mighty fine Grunge riffs as well.

The vocals are a standout as well. Showing the right amount of gusto and passion. For a band only going for a short amount of time they do have the songs to back up their undeniable talent.

The best track on the EP is the 7 minute epic – Shades which shows the band in a top-notch stoner-rocking creative mood. Blending the many genres of rock they are true experts at.

This EP really takes me back to my youth in the mid 90’s when all these brilliant bands started coming through blending Stoner Rock with other influences of Rock Music.

But  Dopeflood  are very much a modern band in their own right. The EP is superbly produced and its not hard to see why it’s getting acclaimed from the Metal Community. Because it’s an absolute blast of an EP for everyone to check out.

I cant wait to see what the guys will deliver as their next release. If it’s an EP, Split Release or full length then these guys could have a very bright future indeed.

Another outstanding example of Greek Stoner Rock. Brilliant stuff.

Well what’s even more special is the band have given me a download link where everyone can download this brilliant album for free.

So what you waiting for. That is your cue to get downloading now and become immerse of the might riff of  Dopeflood.

Highly Recommended.

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