Friday, 23 December 2011


Temples are a 3 Piece Stoner-Metal/Psychedelic/Jam/Doom Rock Band from Finland

Temples are a superb band mixing all of the genres mentioned above into something fresh and original that you don’t hear too often.

The band has released 3 brilliant top notch albums so far.

2009 – Temples
2009 – Taajuuksia
2011 – Periplaneta Nova

All available on BandCamp Pay Anything You Want Type Deal. All 3 are brilliant releases full of top-notch Stoner Metal riffs blended with amazing Psych/Jam/Doom Rock vibes.

The instrument work on all these releases are just phenomenal. Especially on their latest and best album yet – Periplaneta Nova. A sprawling odyssey of first rate Stoner Metal riffs blended in with brilliant Psych/Doom Rock all done in a wonderful jamming session.

Each release improves from what has come before it. A true sign of a great band improving on their last album. Things do get heavy and loud at times on various songs from all 3 amazing releases.

The albums are all superb examples on how to blend all the different types of genres to highly original effect.

So if you want something different from your Stoner Metal then I can’t recommend these guys highly enough.

All of the albums are full of brilliant tracks to play over and over again. Some are quite lengthy to. You have tracks ranging from 5 mins, 10 mins and two tracks that run past the 20 mins mark.

The band really do have a superb talent for writing epic brilliant tracks that the time just flies by.

So what you have hear is a band that definitely deserves your attention as they are a superb Stoner Metal band doing something different in the genre. Mixing Jam Rock/Psych Rock/Doom to great effect to give the listener a truly wonderful experience of listening to all 3 albums.

3 brilliant albums from a ground-breaking band that I had the pleasure of listening to time and time again. Simply Unmissable stuff.

So what you waiting for. Get downloading now. You have almost 3 hours of music to check out. So do yourself a favour headover to BandCamp and get these brilliant albums now.

As this one is one band I am more than happy to worship at. TEMPLES are simply a brilliant and wonderful band at the top of their game.

Highly Recommended.

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