Tuesday 20 December 2011

Plöw - Bicentennial Picnic EP Review

Bicentennial Picnic Cover Art

Plöw are a Stoner Metal band from Denmark.

Plöw play fast and furious Stoner Metal with in your face attitude to match. Taking influence from PANTERA, CROWBAR, DOWN, Corrosion of Conformity and other bands of that ilk.

The band have just released their superb 2nd EP – “Bicentennial Picnic”. A 4 song EP on for a fast and furious 23 mins or so. The guys released their debut S/T EP a while back to much acclaim within the Stoner Metal community.

Well the guys asked me to check out their debut EP before listening to their new great release. Which I did. Their debut EP is a great collection of songs that sets out a winning formula which Plöw deliver with great results. Mainly top-notch hard hitting Stoner Metal riffs.

Well I am glad to say their newest release is even better than their debut release. The riffs are more heavier and the vocals have more passion to them.

Plöw don’t add anything new to the genre but what they do bring a mean angry Stoner Metal riff to proceedings. And the riffs do have a more confident feel to them.

The 23 mins just flies by. The release feels like its on twice as long. All the 4 songs are great examples of how this band can write top-notch riffs with hard-hitting vocals & lyrics to match.

None more so on the sublime song Spring Tide which is definitely the best song the guys have written so far. A superb 9:23 minute epic full of heavy pounding riffs to head-bang which will go down a storm in the live arena.

Plöw have proved with “Bicentennial Picnic” they can play with the best of them. They have the talent and songs to really go far in the Stoner Metal scene. I hope their next release is their debut full length.

As Plöw are ready for a shot at the big time. A superb release from a truly talented band with hopefully a bright future ahead of them.

You can buy this release from Plöw's bandcamp page. You can also check out their debut superb release from the same page as well.

All in all a great release to that shows Plöw are now a force to be reckoned with. Brilliant stuff.

Highly recommended!!!

Check Out This Great Band Below!!!