Tuesday 20 December 2011

OCOAI - The Electric Hand Review

OCOAI are a Instrumental Post-Rock/Post-Metal Band from East Tennessee, USA

The members are:

Travis Kammeyer - Guitar
Joe Armstrong - Guitar
Cody Ledford - Cello & Keys
Bo Dugger - Bass
Joe Metcalf - Drums

OCOAI play a great blend of Instrumental Post-Rock/Post-Metal music to great effect. Their 2011 release – The Electric Hand is a 7-song 49 minute blast of bombastic Post-Rock/Post-Metal riffs.

Taking influence from the top bands of both genres OCOAI are masters of playing the non-aggressive Post-Rock melodies matched with the angrier and more aggressive Post-Metal riffs to great effect.

The new album highlights their talent brilliantly. One minute everything is in an organized Post-Rock fashion and the next all hell breaks through when the angrier riffs kick in.

The album’s sole purpose is to take the listener on a journey they will not forget in a long while. And it succeeds big time.

The songs on show have the perfect blend of light and dark riffs. The light is guided by the Post-Rock dreamy riffs before being dominated by the dark aggressive Post-Metal riffs.

Sometimes this album feels like a duel between the two genres and at times I felt breathless listening to it. Especially on track “Grimpeur”. A 13 minute epic that starts off quietly and slowly before the listener is pounded into submission by the aggressive Post-Metal riffs on show.

OCOAI have crafted a thing of beauty that portrays the sides of Post Rock/Post-Metal to superb effect. Never dominating one genre over the other but a great blend of both played to superb effect.

OCOAI are widely thought of in the underground community and its not exactly rocket science to see why. They are a superb band that you should all check out.

This album is full of brilliant songs to listen to time and time again and I thank the band personally for letting me review this excellent album.

If your into Pelican, Russian Circles or any band of that genre then these guys deserve your maximum attention now. These guys are getting a lot of publicity from all of the top-notch blogspots. So you know these guys are definitely worth checking out.

The Electric Hand proves OCOAI are one of the best Instrumental Post-Metal Bands out there delivering top-notch Sludge based Post-Rock/Post-Metal Riffs.

I recommend all of you to check this top notch band now. An outstanding album the band should rightly be proud of. Simply Unmissable. Great work guys.

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