Tuesday 20 December 2011


Super Van Vacation Cover Art

1000mods are a 4 Piece Desert-Rock/Stoner Metal band Chiliomodi, Greece

The members are:

Dani / Bass & Vox
Giannis / Guitars
George / Guitars
Lab / Drums

1000mods play a suped up version of high energy Stoner Metal mixed with top-notch Stoner Rock/Desert Rock thrown in for great measure.

Their new album Super Van Vacation is a 10 song 65 minute thrill ride of top-notch action-packed Stoner-Metal riffs. Taking influence from a whole range of top notch bands but still adding their own blend of Hard-Rock/Blues Rock vibes to proceedings.

1000mods really stand out from the crowd due to the passionate vocals of lead vocalist Dani who has the energy and vibes of a young Roger Daltery. He really sings with passion from the heart. There are no loud hardcore growls just superb vocals to match the brilliant stoner riffs on show.

Before this I hadn’t heard of 1000mods and I am glad the guys emailed me to review their masterpiece of an album. And that’s what it is.

The lengthy epic album just flies by as it makes sure your having the time of your life. Brilliantly produced and played by all involved. I just love this album. This had me rocking with a huge smile on my face

1000mods just play straight-forward up-tempo high-energy Stoner Metal music that will go down a storm in the summer months or any season for that matter.

The album is a pure joy from start to finish. Full of stand-out tracks showcasing the bands talent for playing amazing top-notch riffs and writing superb sing-along lyrics that will have you singing in no time.

I could do a song-by-song review but I wouldn’t do this brilliant album justice. There are too many highlights to mention. Super Van Vacation is one of the finest debut Stoner Metal albums I have had the pleasure to listen to this year.

Greece have some brilliant Stoner Metal bands in their midst. But for me 1000mods are the best and the ones to beat.

All in all a brilliant album for everyone to check out.

What is even better the band have given me permission to hold a link where people can download this brilliant album. So thanks to the guys for doing this. Much appreciated. So download it here now.

Head over to their BandCamp page and buy some merch from them.

Not much more I can say about this outstanding album. This will definitely be in my top albums of the year. It’s simply that brilliant. Highly recommended.

Check out these superb Stoner Metallers below.


Check Out The Awesome title track from the brilliant "Super Van Vacation".