Monday 2 January 2012


Realms Cover Art

Alegionnaire are a Sludge/Stoner Metal Band from  Somerset, Kentucky.

The members are

Aaron Todd - Bass
Chris Clough - Drums, Vocals
Adam Nicholson - Guitars
Phillip Claunch - Guitars, Vocals

Alegionnaire are (were according to sources they are on an extended hiatus) a brilliant Sludge/Stoner Metal Band delivering their own heavy slabs of Sludge/Stoner Metal.

Their 2009 album “Realms” is a 7-song 49 minute blast of heavy Sludge/Stoner Sonic Riffs. It’s mainly instrumental but a few of the songs do have vocals attached to them.

The album is full of heavy pounding Sludge/Stoner Metal Riffs to get your teeth stuck into. “Realms” got a lot of love from the usual top blogs back in 2009 and it’s not hard to see why.

“Realms” is simply brilliant. The 7 songs on show just highlight how brilliantly talented this band is or was. I wish I took notice of this truly talented band a few years ago.

The songs are superbly written and played through out. These guys definitely put their own spin on the Sludge/Stoner scene. The riffs on show are simply sublime.

Top tracks include “Seventh House”, “Hall Of Dead Kings” and “Coliseum Asunder”.

All full of amazing heavy pounding riffage from all involved. I can’t rate this album highly enough it’s simply a brilliant album that everyone should be checking out.

The people involved have gone onto form other project like Audible Burst and Below which I will definitely be checking out based on this brilliant outstanding album.

I hope one day the band will get back together and releases another brilliant album like this one.

You can now download the outstanding “Realms” for free from BandCamp. So get downloading now!!!

Highly Recommended.

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