Saturday 14 January 2012


Orb Of Confusion Cover Art

ORB OF CONFUSION were a Sludge/Stoner Metal Band from San Francisco, CA

The members were (or are)

Laurie Safdie Bass, Vocals
Clint Baechle Drums, Vocals
Leo Buckley Guitars, Vocals
Chris Corona Guitars, Vocals

ORB OF CONFUSION was a prominent Sludge/Stoner Metal Band in their local area who released a couple of releases during their brief time together.

Now you may recognise a few members names as when ORB OF CONFUSION disbanded, 3 of the members formed the equally brilliant Hazzard’s Cure, who have just release their own superb S/T debut album. If you don’t have it then I recommend you get it as it’s a superb Stoner/Doom/Thrash/Sludge thrill ride.

But back to ORB OF CONFUSION. This excellent band split-up in 2008 but they played a reunion show in August 2011. And they have just released a new S/T Album. A 7 song 76 minute epic of an album.

2007 – Demo – 3 Songs on for 19 mins
2009 – EP – 5 Songs on for 33 mins
2011 – Orb Of Confusion – 7 Songs on for 76 mins

You can download all these brilliant albums for free from the band’s BandCamp Page.

ORB OF CONFUSION play fast and furious Sludge/Stoner Metal with great Male and Female vocals thrown in for great measure. If you’re into KYLESA then you will seriously love this band’s music.

The band know how to play a mean loud, mean, dirty, down-tempo Stoner/Sludge Metal riff. This band seriously kick butt. It’s a shame they split up as their music is simply superb. Especially their newest S/T Release.

It’s an amazing record to show what his band can do so brilliantly well. Full of brilliant Sludge/Stoner Metal riffs from start to finish and amazing vocals to match. They are brilliant musicians as the band know how to play some great Sludge/Stoner Metal riffage.

I have heard these guys have a fearsome reputation on the live stage and I would love to see them in action. But their music is the next big thing.

The Demo and EP are slightly under-produced but that doesn’t detract from the great Sludge/Stoner Metal riffs they play from beginning to end. Both recordings have a great DIY feel to them which really adds to the effect of this superb band’s music.

Their new S/T release is brilliantly produced and captures the band at their heaviest and most creative. Originally recorded in 2008 but not released to their recent reunion show in August 2011.

This is their best release out of the 3 on offer. Full of heavy pounding riffage to get the most jaded mosher head-banging in no time.

The highlight of this superb release is the 39 minute epic “---“. An epic journey of loud sludge based guitars with heavy pounding drumming to match. Some people might this track a bit repetitive but I loved it. Mainly an instrumental track. This is what Sunn0))) would sound like if they went full Sludge/Stoner Metal.

Well check these guys out now as they rule. Hopefully they will get back together to release more brilliant material. But it might be a while with the bands respective new bands.

But if not at least they leave a brilliant impression that will last long in the memory of any listener.

Simply brilliant. Did I say that you can download all their brilliant music for free from BandCamp.

Well get downloading now.

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