Saturday 14 January 2012


Rural Cover Art

MOLOKEN are an Atmospheric Sludge Metal Band from Sweden

The Members are

Jakob Burstedt - Drums
Kristoffer Bäckström - Guitar & Vocals
Nicklas Bäckström - Bass & Vocals
Patrik Ylmefors - Guitar 

MOLOKEN play an intense blend of Hardcore, Doom, Sludge and elements of Post-Metal to create a truly haunting blend of Atmospheric Sludge Metal.

If your into CULT OF LUNA, ISIS and NEUROSIS then MOLOKEN will definitely appeal to you as it did for me. They make truly spellbinding Atmospheric Sludge Metal with superb riffs and vocals to match.

MOLOKEN have released two brilliant albums available for free download from BandCamp

2009 – Our Astral Circle – 9 Songs. 54 minutes
2011 – Rural – 7 songs – 53 minutes

Both of these releases are simply stunning examples of how superb Atmospheric Sludge Metal should be done. Both full of heavy pounding Sludge Metal riffs with the right blend of Hardcore, Doom and Post Metal influences to stand out from the crowd.

These guys are superb musicians and know how to play a brilliant and epic Sludge Metal riff. Each album has an epic track each you have to check out.

Our Astral Circle has a 12 minute track called 11:12. Rural has a 16 minute track ULV

Both of these tracks show that MOLOKEN do brilliantly well. Playing epic Atmospheric Sludge Metal with heavy pounding riffs to get the senses pumping in no time.

Both albums are brilliantly produced and you can hear every note played to perfection.

So get downloading both brilliant albums now. You won’t be disappointed. Brilliant stuff.

Check out this brilliant band below.