Thursday 19 January 2012


I Want You Dead are a 4 Piece Sludge/Grindcore/Hardcore Metal Band from Greece

These brilliant bruisers have been on this blog before with their superb debut album. Read it about them all here. If you like pummelling, loud, heavy and angry Sludge/Grindcore Metal with a superb Hardcore Punk edge then these guys are for you.

The guys are back with their brilliant new release – ΑΩ 7inch. What you get is 4 tracks on for 12 mins or so. Full of brutal Sludge/Grindcore/Hardcore Punk greatness.

The band are definitely angrier than ever. This release will shake you to the core. It shows a superb band building on their last great release. The guys don’t hold back. Everything about this release is heavier and angrier than ever. That even includes the vocals which are full of passion and anger burning from his last great performance.

Superbly played and produced by all this is some of the heaviest 12 mins of Sludge/Grindcore music you will hear so far this year. Absolutely Outstanding Stuff by a brilliant band who have became on of my faves in the respective Sludge/Grindcore/Hardcore based genres.

You can download this brilliant release for free from Mediafire or from their BandCamp Page. If you like what you hear then check out their previous brilliant release "We Are The Legions Of Scum" as well. That is available for free download from Mediafire and BandCamp as well.

Superb Stuff and highly recommended!!!.

Check This Great Band Below