Saturday 28 January 2012


Providence Cover Art

CARETAKER are a Progressive Post-Hardcore/Post Rock/Math Rock Band from Winchester, UK.

The members are:

Seb Carey
Harry Goodchild
Sam Mitchell

CARETAKER are a band that play Post-Hardcore/Alt-Rock with a Progressive Rock/Metal edge. They list   Converge, ISIS, Neurosis, Botch, Drive Like Jehu, Slint and Tool. as influences to their great blend of Rock/Metal Music.

CARETAKER have been mentioned on this blog before when I reviewed their superb Split EP with fellow UK brilliant Doom Rockers – Undersmile.

CARETAKER have been around a while and have released a few EP’s and split releases but the guys have finally released their proper full length album.

PROVIDENCE is a 10-song blast of amazing Post-Hardcore/Post-Rock/Prog-Rock riffs that runs for a blistering 54 mins or so.

CARETAKER started out as loud indie rock band which has now ventured into Prog Rock territory. The guys do venture into Post-Metal territory now and again but mainly stick with the Post-Hardcore/Math Rock route.

CARETAKER do blend their genres superbly as one minute it’s fairly quiet before the heavy riffage kicks in. They do have shades of ISIS and TOOL in their music but mix this with a great melodic and loud Post-Hardcore edge.

CARETAKER have been working on this release for quite some time and it shows. Each song has been perfectly crafted. All full of superb lyrics with brilliant riffs to match. All of the songs fits brilliantly together. This is an album that takes its time to impress the listener with.

The band do have a few epic tracks on show. Ranging from 7 to 8 mins in length. Their longest track “The Upper Air” is on for a highly impressive 13 mins or so.

The album is full of other standout tracks such as “Impasse”, “Rook” and “What We Have To Hold”.

Any major league Prog-Rock/Metal band would be proud to call this outstanding album their own. This album will definitely be receiving a lot of praise and attention when it’s officially released on 5th March 2012. As this is one of the finest examples of UK Prog Rock/Metal Music at its finest.

This is a band at the top of their game. CARETAKER have paid their dues on the UK Underground scene for a long while now. These guys deserve every bit of fame and fortune that comes their way. This is the guys most defining work to date and hopefully should see them as major players on the UK Underground scene.

As Providence showcases why CARETAKER are one of the best UK Underground acts out there. Now its time for the world to take notice.

A brilliant album that will definitely make my best of 2012 album list alongside Behold! The Monolith and BEZOAR.

A simply outstanding release from a brilliant band to check out. Simply Unmissable!!!

You can buy this brilliant album from the guys  BandCamp Page from 5th March. Definitely and Highly Recommended.

Check Out This Great Band Below


Check Out The Superb Track "Hellion" from their brilliant forthcoming new album.