Thursday 19 January 2012


Smoked Up Notes Cover Art

TUBER are a 4 Piece Instrumental Psych Stoner-Rock/Space-Rock/Fuzz-Rock Band from Greece

The members are:

nikos gerostathos
paris fragkos
yannis gerostathos

TUBER play a superb blend of Stoner, Space-Rock, and Fuzz-Rock with a sublime Psych edge. These guys have been this blog before early last year as they released their superb 2010 S/T EP.

It still is one of my fave EP’s that I listen over and over again. It blended all of their genres superbly well and with apparent ease. TUBER got a lot of praise from various blogs for their self-titled debut.

If you haven’t downloaded it yet then I recommend you do it now. As it’s a brilliant EP on for a breathtaking 35 mins or so.

Well TUBER are back with a new digital single called “Smoked Up Notes”. A 6.45 minute blast of superb Stoner/Space/Fuzz Rock riffs which is available for free download from their BandCamp Page.

If TUBER are going to release a new album I hope “Smoked Up Notes” is definitely on it. As this is an amazing single and features some of he best riffs that TUBER have laid down so far.

It’s loud, spacey, atmospheric, and groovy with an extra large helping of FUZZ. This is what TUBER are masters at. And prove once again these guys definitely have a bright future ahead of them.

The time just files but by then you will be listening to this superb song over and over again.

Simply brilliant. Get downloading this brilliant song now. Epic Stuff by a truly brilliant band.

If you like what you hear download their brilliant S/T EP which is available for free download as well.

Check out this great band below:


Here is the a clip of their brilliant song "Sex & Depression" from their superb S/T debut release. A brilliant 11 minute epic.