Thursday 19 January 2012


Fig.6: The rain buyer Cover Art

THOT are a Heavy Post-Rock/Industrial Rock band from Belgium.

The members are:

Grégoire Fray : Guitar/Vocal/Keyboard
Gil de Chevigné : Drums /Electronics
Hugues Peeters : Piano / Keyboards
Julien Forthomme : Bass guitar
Arielle Moens : Live visuals

THOT play a great blend of Post-Rock and Industrial Rock with a loud and heavy angry edge. THOT have been featured on this blog a couple of times before. Primarily for their superb debut album which I raved on about in Summer 2011.

THOT are a truly brilliant band who always offer something unique and wonderful with each and every release.

Well the guys are back with their superb new single “I Buy The Rain” which is available for free download from BandCamp right now and off their newest release Fig.6: The rain buyer.

I will let THOT tell you all about it themselves with the following

"I Buy The Rain is about lies within love, within life. But don't you feel that you could connect this story to the actual economic crisis? How many lies did you hear for years? How much have you been betrayed? How much are you going to pay again? Would you pay for the rain? To reach your liberty?

This song has been written for Obscured by the Wind and has been recorded at the same time. But I wasn't satisfied with the final mix, and I kept this song hidden. Then, last fall, I've remade some vocals, keyboards, basses and I've mixed it again. Here's the result, and I hope that you're going to love it."

My verdict on the newest release is simply sublime and showcases even more evidence why I rate these Heavy Industrial Post-Rockers so highly.

I have stated previously even though these guys don’t fall into the Sludge/Doom/Stoner genres they are still undeniably loud. And they do add a great spin on the Post-Rock/Industrial Rock genre.

So get checking this great band now. And if you like what you hear from this brilliant song check out their other superb material from their superb  BandCamp Page.

Great Work Guys. I can’t wait for your next EP, Split or hopefully full length release.

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