Saturday 14 January 2012

Los Disidentes Del Sucio Motel and FlashFalcon Split Album Review

Los Disidentes Del Sucio Motel and FlashFalcon are two superb Stoner Rock Bands from France who have just released a superb Split LP called East Side Story.

The LP has 8 songs. 3 new songs from each band. And the band covering each others material. So LDDSM are covering FlashFalcon’s “Eternal Lonesome Boy” and FlashFalcon are covering the LDDSM classic “Sir Dany Jack”.

The LP is on for 35 raucous upbeat brilliant Stoner Rock minutes. LDDSM have been on this blog before when I reviewed their superb 2011 album – SoundTrack From The Motion Picture.

So I know what these guys can do when they get into full flow. The 3 new songs on show are a bit different from their last great release. They are all great releases but the band have gone in a more straight forward Stoner-Rock direction than their experimental vibe from the great album.

Not that I am complaining as the 3 new tracks really do capture the same LDDSM spirit especially on Lucha Libre. And it’s always good for a band to experiment a bit with their own established sound.

All 4 songs that LDDSM perform including a cover of FlashFalcon’s “Eternal Lonesome Boy” are played brilliantly and the 16 minutes just flies by. This part of the release confirms LDDSM as one of France’s best kept Stoner Rock secrets. And why I rate them so very highly. Check them out on Youtube to see their live raucous shows which has got them a bit of fame.

Now to FlashFalcon’s side of the split. I haven’t heard anything by these guys. But after these songs that is going to change real soon.

Their 3 songs are more high energy Stoner Rock vibes we all fans of. Their cover of Sir Dany Jack is one of the highlights of this great Split LP as it shows a great song done rather differently.

Plus I loved their song “Numb”. A great Punk-Rock/Stoner Rock song that ticks all the right boxes with some mighty fine riffs.

So all in all this is a great Split Release to check out when its released in March 2012 as it showcases French Stoner Rock at its best.

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