Sunday 15 February 2015

Diesel King - Concrete Burial (Album Review)

Album Type: Full Length
Date Released: 02/02/2015
Label: When Planets Collide

‘Concrete Burial’ CD//DD track listing:

1). Brainhammer (03:11)
2). Inferis  (04:45)
3). Concrete Burial (04:27)
4). Horror. Disgust.  (04:29)
5). Facesplitter(02:46)
6). Mask Of The Leper (01:21)
7). Prone To Destroy (03:27)
8). The Mutilation (03:55)

Diesel King is

Mark O'Regan | Vocals
Geoff Foden | Guitar
Aled Marc | Guitar
Will Wichanski | Bass
Bill Jacobs | Drums


As a new year of music releases begins, and the realisation that 2014 was an incredible year for metal, bands will begin to try to make their mark on the new year. One such band is Diesel King. Having released a couple of EP's in recent years, ‘Concrete Burial’ is their first long player; albeit a short one.  Clocking in at 28 minutes long and comprising of 8 tracks, the affair is a short, sharp brutal affair.

Throughout the album there are riffs that are completely savage, vocals that could scare the paint off walls, and an array of drumming tempos and styles that keep the short record mesmerising throughout.

'Brainhammer' opens up the album, and as a chosen lead track, showcases all the aforementioned aspects. Tempo changes are rife, and coupled with sparse breaks in the furiousity; the opening is uneasy and vile. The band obviously sees this as a go to track, representing what Diesel King is all about; I wouldn't argue. If you dig this, the album is for you.

Each track is equally punishing, and the vocals are one of the main driving forces of the album, 'Infernis' shows off the most guttural and soul swallowing growls. Again the drums on 'Prone to Destroy' pummel and show a range of tempos cut from the same cloth as the legendary Autopsy sticks man; Chris Reifert.

A lot of the guitar work on the album is reminiscent of Entombed and Crowbar. The title track of the album is just one of the tracks that darts between rapid chugging guitars to an all out riff assault. 'Mask of the Leper' has more than a grind feel to it with its frantic pace and short, shrift duration.

If you're a fan of Napalm Death, Crowbar, Entombed or Autopsy, this record is well worth a listen. The band pay their dues to their obvious influences whilst also putting their own stamp on the tunes that they are rightly proud of.

Words by: Dominic Walsh

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